New to New Life? Here’s what you might expect on a typical Sunday.


When you enter the Ministry Center you’ll be greeted in the Lobby by someone who is friendly and willing to help in any way they can. After being handed a church worship folder (often containing an outline of the sermon that will be shared), feel free to help yourself to a cup of coffee or some juice.

 You’ll quickly notice that the dress code is fairly open. Although some prefer to wear dresses and suits, others will be dressed in jeans or other casual clothing. Either is fine with us!

 We begin at 10:00 on Sundays, usually with our choir singing very early in the service. Although most churches today have eliminated choir singing, we still enjoy it, and it has proven to be a powerful means to usher us into worship.

 The style of music in our worship services is varied. In one Sunday morning you might hear (or sing) a hymn written many years ago, a contemporary song that you heard on the radio on your way to church that morning, a southern gospel tune, and a song straight out of Scripture – all in one service!

 The reason we gather is to worship; and that  can take many forms. Praise and worship, choir singing, prayer, giving, and the clear declaration of God’s Word all take place each week.

 We desire your time with us to be enjoyable and pleasant, so you’ll never have to worry about being put on the spot. Just come on in and make yourself at home – you’re among friends!

 Pastor Ron preaches/teaches the Bible every Sunday in such a way that everybody “gets it”.  Why not join us a time or two? We think you’ll like it!